Build and Grow Your Company at the Industrial Park

A total area of 80.000m² provides ample space
for various businesses to thrive.

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At the heart of Mecklenburg

The industrial park encompasses 25.000m² commercial and warehousing space,
as well as office space totalling 12.000m², which is used by a broad range of businesses.
Warehousing and Office Space

Your Partner for
Commercial Space

Four separate office buildings, as well as seven commercial / warehouse buildings can be used for various projects.

The provision of electric energy, natural gas and water is secured. Several of the warehouses are equipped with heavy-duty bridge cranes.

Start right away
Attractive rent level
Option to invest / remodel
Great work atmosphere

The Industrial Park attracts Companies from all over Europe

Company founded
For the past 25 years the gates of the Industrial Park have been open
Total area to rent
Warehouse space and office in various sizes can be found at the Industrial Park
Registered businesses
From production to e-commerce / storage, or teaching facilities, there are various possibilities.

A Region with a
Solid Infrastructure

The proximity to Berlin (200km) and Hamburg (180km), but also Scandinavia and Eastern Europe make the location an interesting site with regard to its surrounding markets and resources.

Very close to the next Autobahn (<5km)
Overseas terminal at Rostock port (~40km)
Airport Rostock-Laage ca. 15km to the north
Railway connection and parking area on site

Details about available space

With its diversity, the industrial park addresses a broad range of businesses.
Large and small, many companies realise their projects here.

A collection showing the site from multiple angles

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Güstrow is Cultural and Environmental Hub


There are numerous cultural as well as educational institutions in the area of Güstrow and its county.


A rich environment with several lakes and forests offers a great atmosphere and work-life balance.


About 100.000 people live in the area - among them a large number of skilled workers.


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